A Walk In Darkness
A Walk In Darkness

Season 1, Episode 13 · 2 years ago

"The Homecoming" (Episode 13)


While celebrating Wally's coming home from the hospital with whiskey and homemade bean and cheese burritos, they discuss the concept of good and evil and how the Demonic Testament might affect those concepts.

A Walk In Darkness is a #supernatural #thriller that follows a #paranormal investigator as he searches for a #book written by a #demon. This #podcast is one piece of the full experience.

Instagram & Twitter: @awalkindarkness

Cast & Credits
Wally Fitch: Phil Bowyer (Instagram - @iamphilbowyer)
Sutton Blackhill: Kate Bowyer (Instagram - @iamkatebowyer)

Produced by BoozeHound Entertainment (Instagram -@weareboozehound)
Theme music was exclusively written by Grand Rezerva (Instagram -@grandrezervaofficial)

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