A Walk In Darkness
A Walk In Darkness

Season 1, Episode 14 · 2 years ago

God Failed (Episode 14)


Sutton & Wally dive into the "God Failed" book to see what they can learn about Surath's manipulation techniques.

A Walk In Darkness is a #supernatural #thriller that follows a #paranormal investigator as he searches for a #book written by a #demon. This #podcast is one piece of the full experience.

Instagram & Twitter: @awalkindarkness

Cast & Credits
Wally Fitch: Phil Bowyer (Instagram - @iamphilbowyer)
Sutton Blackhill: Kate Bowyer (Instagram - @iamkatebowyer)

Produced by BoozeHound Entertainment (Instagram -@weareboozehound)
Theme music was exclusively written by Grand Rezerva (Instagram -@grandrezervaofficial)

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