A Walk In Darkness
A Walk In Darkness

Season 1, Episode 35 · 2 years ago

Chicago Is Burning (Episode 35)


e go live to Chicago where pandemonium has taken over the city.  

A Walk In Darkness is a #supernatural #thriller podcast and book series produced by BoozeHound Entertainment.    

Wally Fitch and Sutton Blackhill take you with them as they search for the Demonic Testament, a book written by the demon Surath.   

The book series is available worldwide at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and Kobo Books. Get your copy now for the full experience.   



Instagram & Twitter: @awalkindarkness  

Sandy (WLUP DJ) is played by Cait Bowyer (Instagram - @caitcbowyer) 

Nora McMurphy (Reporter) is played by Nora Whalen (Instagram - @norawhalencom)  

The song played is"Hellhound" by Grand Rezerva (Instagram -@grandrezervaofficial) 

Produced by BoozeHound Entertainment (Instagram -@weareboozehound) 

Theme music was exclusively written and recorded by Grand Rezerva (Instagram -@grandrezervaofficial)

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