A Walk In Darkness
A Walk In Darkness

Season 1, Episode · 3 years ago

Bonus - Wally Fitch Interview on WVVX's Profiles Show


Here's the interview I did for the WVVX show "Profiles".

Wally Fitch is a #fictional #character in the "A Walk In Darkness" multi-sensory #experience, a #supernatural #thriller which follows a #paranormal investigator as he searches for a #book written by a #demon.

"A Walk In Darkness" Credits
Story by Kate Bowyer (Instagram - @iamkatebowyer)
Written by Kate Bowyer & Phil Bowyer
Directed by PhiL Bowyer (Instagram - @iamphilbowyer)
Produced by BoozeHound Entertainment (Instagram - @WeAreBoozeHound)

Wally Fitch is played by Phil Bowyer
Jule St. Vincent is played by Kate Bowyer
Music is by Grand Rezerva (Instagram - @grandrezervaofficial)
(used with permission)

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